Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Art of Destroying Things on Purpose

Some sounds
are indicative
of harm.

A wasp's wings
could never hum
a lullaby,

a chainsaw
is incapable
of building.

But other sounds
like to fool you:
your heart skips

when the phone
rings, and drops
when answered;

the angry buzz
of a tattoo gun
paints beautifully.

(Starting Over, day 2. Via


Anonymous said...

That is really very interesting and my husband and I love it.


Radio Nowhere said...

Your choices for illustration bring a vivid richness to the poem.

I quite like it.

Anonymous said...

Very sharp, precise images, each like one tooth on a sawblade, then to end, it just all fits whole and complete. A great response to the prompt! Very fresh.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Mmmm. The final two stanzas, so pointed and poignant.

Thank you for your comment on my poem. I saw your point and made changes.

I think the poem is better for it.


Anonymous said...

what wonderful discrepancies in our world! what a wonderful way to describe them!

Oleacae said...

I love the idea of a chainsaw not being able to build anything. That is haunting for some reason.

The build up is really excellent, the choices thought provoking.