Friday, April 06, 2012

NaPoWriMo Day 6: The Ongoing Search for Truth

I'm told the average person tells
four lies a day. One thousand
four hundred and sixty lies
a year. The most common:

I'm fine/alright/okay. Second:
I'm sorry. The third is: I know.
You can understand the problem
of collecting this data, like taking

at face value the unseen second
and third hearts of the octopus,
the dreams of an infant not yet
born. Invasive (of medical procedures):

involving the introduction of instruments
or other objects into the body or body
cavities. From Latin: Invadere (see invade).

We cannot always break things open.

I will be an uncle next month,
my brother's first child. They called
him Little Sprout, then Big Sprout,
then just Sprout. We outgrow

most things given to us.
When he is older, and capable
of speech, I will not ask him
if he remembers his dreams.

I will ask how he is doing.
He will say he is fine. I will
say that I know