Thursday, April 01, 2010

In the Parlor (NaPoWriMo 1)

There is no harmony
between Jefferson Airplane

and a tattoo gun, but both
spring to life from needles

against textured surfaces this
afternoon, "Somebody to Love"

and a bicep tattoo of the word
Mother; "Come Back Baby"

and the covering of an old
flame's name. The skin carries

a weight. Information. Travels.
The world. Looking in, the ink

is a roadmap deposited below
your surface, an anecdote

of self, a slow graffiti
to the tune of whatever

the artist puts the needle to.

Day 1 of NaPoWriMo '10. The prompt was 5 song titles from your library on shuffle.

Come Back Baby-Jefferson Airplane
Information Travels-Death Cab for Cutie
World Looking In-Morcheeba
Anecdote-Ambulance Ltd.
Slow Graffiti-Belle & Sebastian


Alicia said...

great poem!

Jessica said...

This is a lovely poem. Great opening!

Terri Light said...

Strong start! And how odd that I was thinking about a random trip out to photograph an unknown tattoo artist today! Ink must be in the air!

Anonymous said...

Fun poem. Good answer to the prompt.

flaubert said...

Excellent poem!

Linda Jacobs said...

The skin carries

a weight. Information. Travels.
The world.

Love this! So visual!

ÂȘi☥ said...

Love this poem and the trip it takes. Great first taste of your writing, I am really looking forward to reading you through April!

Anonymous said...

The titles live and breathe in your poem. What a great poem and start to the month.

lucychili said...

Nicely tied together.
All the best for April

Jessica GC said...

Great poem to start the challenge off with!

Anonymous said...

Great beginning