Wednesday, July 06, 2011

30/30 Day 6: Distance


Here changes momentarily, a rail-
road, a bridge across the creek that

splits a tiny town in two, a silvered
vein of quiet in the rocky conversation

between shores. But already, here
is fields of grass shorn for the coming

heat which have hosted wars and their
children––you can almost see the bone-

meal beneath the bonemeal. Here is
not the forest, but the memory of trees,

and not the leaves, but rich earth
in their burned stead.


twitches said...
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Nathan Landau said...

I'm sure there will be in the next 23 days––how it will present itself is another matter.

I generally dislike changing forms within a series, but this one already seems a little disjointed, I may break out a pantoum or some such to really stretch it to breaking.